While the new 2000-series CPUs use the same AM4 socket, off the shelf X370 motherboards will need the new sticker to guarantee compatibility. Otherwise, if you buy an X370 motherboard and don't have a 1000-series CPU to update the BIOS for 2000-series support (or use BIOS recovery if your motherboard has it), you can always take it into a computer store and have them update to a newer BIOS with 2000-series support. AMD overclockers played a great deal with the new APUs, and they let us know they had a great time tuning the memory and integrated graphics. We can see big gains from tuning small parameters. They did show us liquid nitrogen results as well, and the CPU does go over 5GHz under liquid nitrogen. There does seem to be an improvement on memory and core overclocking margins due to silicon improvements. We can see here that the Ryzen 5 2400G basically ties an i5-8400 with an NVIDIA GT 1030 at a much lower price point.

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